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Why do we feel?

Many times I hear my clients struggle with intense and uncomfortable feelings. Often times there is a lack of understanding these feeling and efforts to make them go away, which in turn can only bring more discomfort and emotional suffering.

If this is you. I want to share a bit of information about your feelings. Emotions provide our bodies with important information about the world. They help us communicate to others the importance of interactions, sitautions or events that are happenning. Emotions are part of our human experience and have a purpose. ( Yes, even those darn uncomfortable feelings, have a purpose in our lives). Emotions help motivate us to act and survive.

And, the thing is, just like you would not ask your self to stop feeling hungry, or feel the need to go to the bathroom, we want to just allow our feelings to come and go, honored and process within ourselves or with our support people. This may not make the feeling go away, but it will definitely help reduce the emotional suffering that comes from trying to control our emotions.

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